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Below is a list of current job openings at Kamaaina Kids. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply. Click on any column header to sort by that column.

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Caregiver - Enchanted LakesPreschoolEnchanted LakesWindwardOahuCaregiver
Caregiver - HonoluluPreschoolHonoluluHonoluluOahuCaregiver
Caregiver - KaneohePreschoolKaneoheWindwardOahuCaregiver
Caregiver - King StreetPreschoolKing StreetHonoluluOahuCaregiver
Caregiver - Pearl CityPreschoolPearl CityLeewardN/AN/A
Caregiver - St. Timothy'sPreschoolSt. Timothy'sCentralOahuCaregiver
Cook/Floater - AlewaPreschoolAlewaHonoluluOahuAide
Group Leader - Enchanted LakeSchool AgeA+ Enchanted LakeWindwardOahuGroup Leader
Group Leader - HeeiaSchool AgeA+ HeeiaWindwardOahuGroup Leader
Group Leader - IliahiSchool AgeA+ IliahiCentralOahuGroup Leader
Group Leader - KahakaiSchool AgeA+ KahakaiHawaiiHawaiiGroup Leader
Group Leader - KahukuSchool AgeA+ KahukuNorth ShoreOahuGroup Leader
Group Leader - KamaliiSchool AgeA+ KamaliiMauiMauiGroup Leader
Group Leader - Kilauea School AgeA+ KilaueaKauaiKauaiGroup Leader
Group Leader - KoloaSchool AgeA+ KoloaKauaiKauaiGroup Leader
Group Leader - KonawaenaSchool AgeA+ KonawaenaHawaiiHawaiiGroup Leader
Group Leader - LiholihoSchool AgeA+ LiholihoHonoluluOahuGroup Leader
Group Leader - MakalapaSchool AgeA+ MakalapaHonoluluOahuGroup Leader
Group Leader - Pearl HarborSchool AgeA+ Pearl HarborHonoluluOahuGroup Leader
Group Leader - PukalaniSchool AgeA+ PukalaniMauiMauiGroup Leader
Group Leader - WaikoloaSchool AgeA+ WaikoloaHawaiiHawaiiGroup Leader
Group Leader - WaimeaSchool AgeA+ WaimeaHawaiiHawaiiGroup Leader
Group Leader - WilcoxSchool AgeA+ WilcoxKauaiKauaiGroup Leader
He’eia State Park Waterfront Activity InstructorEnvironmental Community ServicesHeeia State ParkWindwardOahuWaterfront
Infant / Toddler Teacher - AikahiPreschoolAikahiWindwardOahuTeacher
Infant / Toddler Teacher - AlewaPreschoolAlewaHonoluluOahuTeacher
Infant / Toddler Teacher - Enchanted LakesPreschoolEnchanted LakesWindwardOahuTeacher
Infant / Toddler Teacher - LahainaPreschoolLahainaMauiMauiCaregiver
Maintenance DirectorCorporateCorporate OfficeWindwardOahuMaintenance
Preschool Teacher or Aide MauiPreschoolMakawao (Maui)MauiMauiTeacher
Site Coordinator - MokapuSchool AgeA+ MokapuWindwardOahuSite Coordinator
Special Needs Group Leader - WaimeaSchool AgeA+ WaimeaHawaiiHawaiiGroup Leader
Substitute Teacher - Calvary (Kaneohe)PreschoolCalvaryWindwardOahuTeacher
Substitute Teacher - EwaPreschoolEwaLeewardOahuTeacher
Substitute Teacher - KalaeloaPreschoolKalaeloaLeewardOahuTeacher
Substitute Teacher - MoanaluaPreschoolMoanaluaCentralOahuTeacher
Substitute Teacher - Pearl CityPreschoolPearl CityLeewardOahuTeacher
Substitute Teacher Aide - Calvary (Kaneohe)PreschoolCalvaryWindwardOahuAide
Substitute Teachers Aide - KahuluiPreschoolKahuluiMauiMauiAide
Summer Program Group LeaderSchool AgeHonolulu, East Honolulu, and KailuaVariousOahuGroup Leader
Teacher - AlewaPreschoolAlewaHonoluluOahuTeacher
Teacher - Calvary (Kaneohe)PreschoolCalvaryWindwardOahuTeacher
Teacher - Enchanted LakePreschoolEnchanted LakesWindwardOahuTeacher
Teacher - Hawaii KaiPreschoolHawaii KaiHonoluluOahuTeacher
Teacher - HonoluluPreschoolHonoluluHonoluluOahuTeacher
Teacher - JuddPreschoolJuddHonoluluOahuTeacher
Teacher - Kahului PreschoolKahuluiMauiMauiTeacher
Teacher - KaneohePreschoolKaneoheWindwardOahuTeacher
Teacher - King StreetPreschoolKing StreetHonoluluOahuTeacher
Teacher - LahainaPreschoolLahainaMauiMauiTeacher
Teacher - Maui Evangelical (Hina) Preschool PreschoolMaui Evangelical (Hina) PreschoolMauiMauiTeacher
Teacher - St. MarksPreschoolSt. MarksHonoluluOahuTeacher
Teacher - St. Timothy'sPreschoolSt. Timothy'sCentralOahuTeacher
Teachers Aide - AikahiPreschoolAikahiWindwardOahuAide
Teachers Aide - AlewaPreschoolAlewaHonoluluOahuAide
Teachers Aide - Enchanted LakePreschoolEnchanted LakesWindwardOahuAide
Teachers Aide - Hawaii KaiPreschoolHawaii KaiHonoluluOahuAide
Teachers Aide - JuddPreschoolJuddHonoluluOahuAide
Teachers Aide - KahuluiPreschoolKahuluiMauiMauiN/A
Teachers Aide - KaneohePreschoolKaneoheWindwardOahuN/A
Teachers Aide - LahainaPreschoolLahainaMauiMauiAide
Teachers Aide - MakawaoPreschoolMakawao (Maui)MauiMauiAide
Teachers Aide - MoanaluaPreschoolMoanaluaCentralOahuAide
Teachers Aide - Pearl CityPreschoolPearl CityLeewardOahuAide
Teachers Aide - PiilaniPreschoolPiilaniMauiMauiAide
Teachers Aide - St. Mark'sPreschoolSt. MarksHonoluluOahuAide
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