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Below is a list of current job openings at Kamaaina Kids. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply. Click on any column header to sort by that column.

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Caregiver - AikahiPreschoolAikahiWindward
Caregiver - AlewaPreschoolAlewaHonolulu East
Caregiver - Enchanted LakesPreschoolEnchanted LakesWindward
Caregiver - Hawaii KaiPreschoolHawaii KaiHonolulu East
Caregiver - JuddPreschoolJuddCentral
Caregiver - Pearl CityPreschoolPearl CityLeeward
Caregiver - St. PiilaniPreschoolPiilaniMaui
Cook/Food Server - Hawaii KaiPreschoolHawaii KaiHonolulu West
Driver (On-call)Environmental Community ServicesMobileVarious
Group Leader - AieaSchool AgeA+ AieaHonolulu West
Group Leader - Ala WaiSchool AgeA+ Ala WaiHonolulu East
Group Leader - Ben ParkerSchool AgeA+ Ben ParkerWindward
Group Leader - Blanche PopeSchool AgeA+ Blanche PopeWindward
Group Leader - Chiefess KapiolaniSchool AgeA+ Chiefess KapiolaniHawaii
Group Leader - Enchanted LakeSchool AgeA+ Enchanted LakeWindward
Group Leader - HaaheoSchool AgeA+ HaaheoHawaii
Group Leader - HanaleiSchool AgeA+ HanaleiKauai
Group Leader - HeeiaSchool AgeA+ HeeiaWindward
Group Leader - Hickam School AgeA+ HickamHonolulu West
Group Leader - HokulaniSchool AgeA+ HokulaniHonolulu East
Group Leader - HolualoaSchool AgeA+ HolualoaHawaii
Group Leader - HonaunauSchool AgeA+ HonaunauHawaii
Group Leader - IliahiSchool AgeA+ IliahiHonolulu West
Group Leader - KahakaiSchool AgeA+ KahakaiHawaii
Group Leader - KahalaSchool AgeA+ KahalaHonolulu East
Group Leader - KahuluiSchool AgeA+ KahuluiMaui
Group Leader - KaiulaniSchool AgeA+ KaiulaniHonolulu Central
Group Leader - KaleiopuuSchool AgeA+ KaleiopuuLeeward
Group Leader - Kalihi UkaSchool AgeA+ Kalihi UkaHonolulu Central
Group Leader - Kam IIISchool AgeA+ Kamehameha IIIMaui
Group Leader - KamakauSchool AgeA+ KamakauWindward
Group Leader - KamaliiSchool AgeA+ KamaliiMaui
Group Leader - Kamehameha HawaiiSchool AgeKamehameha HawaiiHawaii
Group Leader - Kamehameha KapalamaSchool AgeKamehameha KapalamaHonolulu Central
Group Leader - Kamehameha Maui CampusSchool AgeKamehameha Maui CampusMaui
Group Leader - Kamehameha Maui CampusSchool AgeKamehameha Maui CampusMaui
Group Leader - KaneoheSchool AgeA+ KaneoheWindward
Group Leader - KanoelaniSchool AgeA+ KanoelaniLeeward
Group Leader - KaumanaSchool AgeA+ KaumanaHawaii
Group Leader - KealakeheSchool AgeA+ KealakeheHawaii
Group Leader - KeaukahaSchool AgeA+ KeaukahaHawaii
Group Leader - KeonepokoSchool AgeA+ KeonepokoHawaii
Group Leader - KeoneulaSchool AgeA+ KeoneulaLeeward
Group Leader - KilaueaSchool AgeA+ KilaueaKauai
Group Leader - Koko HeadSchool AgeA+ Koko HeadHonolulu East
Group Leader - KoloaSchool AgeA+ KoloaKauai
Group Leader - KonawaenaSchool AgeA+ KonawaenaHawaii
Group Leader - KulaSchool AgeA+ KulaMaui
Group Leader - LaieSchool AgeA+ LaieWindward
Group Leader - LaupahoehoeSchool AgeA+ LaupahoehoeHawaii
Group Leader - LiholihoSchool AgeA+ LiholihoHonolulu East
Group Leader - MakalapaSchool AgeA+ MakalapaHonolulu West
Group Leader - MokapuSchool AgeA+ MokapuWindward
Group Leader - MokuleleSchool AgeA+ MokuleleHonolulu East
Group Leader - NimitzSchool AgeA+ NimitzHonolulu West
Group Leader - NuuanuSchool AgeA+ NuuanuHonolulu Central
Group Leader - PaiaSchool AgeA+ PaiaMaui
Group Leader - Pearl HarborSchool AgeA+ Pearl HarborHonolulu West
Group Leader - PHKSchool AgeA+ Pearl Harbor KaiHonolulu West
Group Leader - Princess NahienaenaSchool AgeA+ Princess NahienaenaMaui
Group Leader - PukalaniSchool AgeA+ PukalaniMaui
Group Leader - Saint FrancisSchool AgeSt. FrancisHonolulu East
Group Leader - Salt LakeSchool AgeA+ Salt LakeHonolulu West
Group Leader - SunsetSchool AgeA+ SunsetNorth Shore
Group Leader - VoyagerSchool AgeA+ VoyagerHonolulu Central
Group Leader - WaiakeaSchool AgeA+ WaiakeaHawaii
Group Leader - WaiakeawaenaSchool AgeA+ WaiakeawaenaHawaii
Group Leader - WaianaeSchool AgeA+ WaianaeLeeward
Group Leader - Waihe'eSchool AgeA+ WaiheeMaui
Group Leader - WaikoloaSchool AgeA+ WaikoloaHawaii
Group Leader - WailukuSchool AgeA+ WailukuMaui
Group Leader - WaimaluSchool AgeA+ WaimaluHonolulu Central
Group Leader - WeblingSchool AgeA+ WeblingHonolulu Central
Group Leader - WheelerSchool AgeA+ WheelerCentral
Group Leader - WilcoxSchool AgeA+ WilcoxKauai
Hotel Keiki Club - Group LeaderHotel & ConventionsHC 'AlohilaniOahu
Hotel Kids Club Group LeaderHotel & ConventionsHC KaanapaliMaui
Hotel Kids Club Group LeaderHotel & ConventionsHC Ko OlinaOahu
Hotel SitterHotel & ConventionsMobileOahu
Lead Caregiver - MailiPreschoolMailiLeeward
Line Cook - MalaekahanaEnvironmental Community ServicesMalaekahanaNorth Shore
MBC Reservations Associate - MalaekahanaEnvironmental Community ServicesMalaekahanaNorth Shore
Seasonal Day Camp CounselorSchool AgeVarious locations on OahuVarious
Site Coordinator - Ala WaiSchool AgeA+ Ala WaiHawaii
Site Coordinator - HokulaniSchool AgeA+ HokulaniHawaii
Site Coordinator - KalihiSchool AgeA+ KalihiHawaii
Site Coordinator - KealakeheSchool AgeA+ KealakeheHawaii
Site Coordinator - KokoheadSchool AgeA+ Koko HeadHawaii
Site Coordinator - LiholihoSchool AgeA+ LiholihoHawaii
Special Needs Group Leader - A+ HokulaniSchool AgeA+ HokulaniHonolulu East
Special Needs Group Leader - A+ KahalaSchool AgeA+ KahalaHonolulu East
Special Needs Group Leader - A+ KaneoheSchool AgeA+ KaneoheHonolulu Central
Special Needs Group Leader - A+ NuuanuSchool AgeA+ NuuanuHonolulu Central
Substitute Teacher - AikahiPreschoolAikahiWindward
Substitute Teacher - EwaPreschoolEwaLeeward
Substitute Teacher - Iroquois PointPreschoolIroquois PointLeeward
Substitute Teacher - KaneohePreschoolKaneoheWindward
Substitute Teacher - LahainaPreschoolLahainaMaui
Substitute Teacher - MailiPreschoolMailiLeeward
Substitute Teacher - Mililani Tech ParkPreschoolMililani Tech ParkCentral
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